It is estimated that 25% of all heat loss from an uninsulated home is through the roof. This makes insulating the roof space one of the

most cost-effective solutions you can take to start saving money on those heating bills.

When a roof space (such as the loft) is converted into a room, it requires a different type of insulation that will fit into the gaps between the joists and behind the new walls of the room.

Without this insulation, the room in roof will be highly susceptible to temperature changes in both summer and winter as seen in the image to the right. In addition, the rest of the house will suffer from heat loss in the winter if there is no insulation, increasing your energy bills.

With room in roof insulation, the heat is held in in the winter and held out in the summer, meaning your room in roof will hold a much more stable temperature and will be usable all year round.

If you are looking for insulating your Room in roof, our experienced team of room in roof insulation installers are at hand to answer all of your questions. Our room in roof insulation installers will come to view your property and assess the space, before advising you on the most suitable option for you.

Installing room in roof insulation involves insulation boarding being fitted in between the rafters underneath the existing plasterboard walls.

Room in roof insulation works by trapping heat within your home to create a blanket effect.

This allows you to more easily maintain a warm home without using as much energy to do so, saving you money on your energy bills.

The cost of fitting room in roof insulation depends on the type of property, but usually falls between £1,500 and £2,700.

While this may be a little more expensive than other forms of insulation, it could well pay for itself when it comes to using it as part of an attic conversion, which will add value to your property.

A typical detached house will see annual savings of £225, while semi-detached properties can expect to save £135 each year.

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All installations are carried out by Construction Circle’s experienced technicians using only SWIP products approved by BBA.

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  • What are room in roof insulation boards made of?

    The insulation boards used are usually made from polystyrene or polyurethane which are effective materials for trapping heat.

    The boards are rigid and can be cut to correct sizes to create a barrier to stop heat escaping.

    They can then be plastered to create an aesthetic finish for your room.

  • What if I don’t have a loft conversion?

    If you receive a qualifying benefit, in most cases it is free but a small contribution is sometimes required, depending on the efficiency of the property.

  • Is it really Free?

    If you receive a qualifying benefit, in most cases it is free but a small contribution is sometimes required, depending on the efficiency of the property.

  • What if I don’t qualify?

    Even if you’re not entitled to a grant, we can still help to organise a survey and give you a quote.

  • Is the survey Free and how long does it take?

    Yes, the survey is free and it typically takes up to one hours.

  • Will I have to clear the room out?

    Yes, the room will need to be empty before the work begins. It does not need to be removed before the survey.

  • How long does the work take?

    It depends on the property type and nature of work but most installations are completed in one day.

  • What about skirting boards, radiators, sockets and light fittings?

    Skirting boards are removed but you will need to replace them. Light fittings and switches are removed and replaced. Radiators are not removed but insulated around, unless you remove and replace them.

  • Is decoration included in the grant?

    No, the walls and ceilings will be ready for decoration when the job is complete.

  • Will I receive a guarantee?

    Room in Roof insulation comes with a 25 year guarantee. This will be provided by organisations such as GDGC.

Under the current ECO scheme, you can qualify for Room In Roof Insulation for free if you’re eligible to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Check if you are eligible.